The mansion

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This venue's opulence and artistry often leaves guests awestruck the moment they open the door. This venue provides an ideal and utterly unique experience for an after-party, elite VIP retreat, fashion show, or showcase for artists.

Whether guests are emerging artists looking to enhance their profiles, or more established artists seeking a venue that meets their level of accomplishment, this location is absolutely ideal. The immaculately designed space is comprised of two floors linked together by an ornate wrought-iron spiral staircase that is in itself a work of art.

The first floor resembles a 19th-century bachelor’s haven, featuring black walls, a bright sun room, bright and bold contemporary art, an overhead chandelier, fireplace, and french doors that swing out onto a thousand-foot outdoor terrace. The kitchen and bathroom are immaculate works of art & design: both bold black.

The Japanese toilet features a pilot's cockpit of electronic displays, featuring adjustments that include a heated the seat, warmed floor, and additional services. The shower and bath are bone-colored white and ringed with a transparent & luminescent curtain, behind which is a window that opens onto a lovely green garden on the outdoor terrace.

The wrought iron spiral staircase links the two floors as the gothic seamlessly gives way to an expanse of stunning Asian minimalism featuring warm wood tones, light colored floors, a bright kitchen, Zen Shoji sliding doors, and windows looking out onto tall green trees.

With this location, your guests will experience such a thrill that only great design and architecture can confer, design that was seven years in the making. This venue is extremely fun, decadent, and ultimately breathtaking.