Ideal Glass Studios is an artist-run film & TV production studio comprised of creative spaces in the East and West Village.

Founded in 2004 by native New Yorker, actor, and artist, Willard Morgan, the original space at 22 E 2nd St was transformed from a 1950’s glazier’s workshop into an independent gallery space and art collective.

The small team of creatives are dedicated to fostering a community of artists, fashion designers, writers, performers, musicians, and filmmakers. The mural walls, exhibitions, screenings and performances, transcend the norm and provide a space where alternative modes of thought and expression are encouraged and celebrated.

In 2017, Morgan added two new spaces to his Ideal Glass collection: the Ideal Pop-Up and The Mansion in the West Village, creating Ideal Glass Studios, where high-profile film, TV, music, fashion, and art vanguards gather regularly to collaborate. The original space’s DIY vibe lives on in its caring and eccentric team, encouraging creators to present their ideas clearly and express their vision freely.

our clients

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